Zabargad Island / Egypt


Zabargad Island is situated 45km/27mi to the south of Marsa Alam, not far from St. Johns Reefs. But unlike them, Zabargad Island is far in the open sea. The reef occupies all the southern part of the coast and strand of the island. Anchor stops for safari boats are situated exactly in the southern side. The reef ends with a steep side going to the depth. That’s why both day and night dives are equally interesting. The reef wall is located at the depth of 10-20m/32-65ft. It is mildly sloping and very beautiful. Coral pillars, prominences and overhangs alternate with cracks, passages and caves inside which there is a great variety of coral dwellers. The reef wall smoothly transforms into a gentle sandy slope. Night dives are often performed on the sandy slope. At night the reef changes greatly. It looks completely different, like a fairy-tale castle or mysterious labyrinth.

Location: north-western part of the Red Sea, 45km/27mi to the south of Marsa Alam
What to see: While swimming over the amazing landscape of overhangs, cracks and coral pillars divers can find butterflyfish, lyretail coralfish, scorpaenas, crocodilefish, imperial angelfish, schools of glassfish, blue and black spotted eagle rays, various mollusks (devil-fish, cuttlefish, squids), pelagic fish (white- and grey flipper sharks, barracudas) and even painted grinner.
Depth: 18-25m/59-82ft
Currents: 1-2 knots
Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft
Season for diving: All year long. The average temperature in January is 24C/75F and in July 28C/82F


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