About Us

Safari Maris is a brand name for a network of travel companies which offer scuba diving holidays worldwide specializing in liveaboards, individual and group tours. Travel company Gannet, turizem d.o.o., which is registered in Slovenia and offering a wide variety of Safari Maris tours to divers and dive clubs from European Union.


Our experienced team of passioned about diving travel consultants are always happy to help in finding, choosing and booking of your great next diving adventure.


Whether you are looking for liveaboard tripshore based diving holidays, or your first scuba diving course we have great solution for you with one of our partner dive resorts or safari boats in all diving destinations worldwide from cold Norwegian waters to tropical islands paradise.


We aim to balance well between education, practice and leisure in every journey. We try our best to ensure accuracy, comfort and safety of the trip, saving your time and money, and leaving enough space for discovery and challenge.


We believe that diving makes people more ethical, honest and free and we follow the same standards in business.


Gannet, turizem d.o.o.

Address: Planina 3, Kranj, 4000, Slovenia

Tel: +386 64 155 676

Email: [email protected]

VAT number: SI38680939

IBAN: SI56 2420 1901 1305 021

Licence number 1708/1709 dated 01.10.2015

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