Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in the central America, that unites two continents. It is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean at south-west and by the waters of the Caribbean Sea at north-east. Costa Rica is a reserve country (there are 74 reserves), where an abundance of flora and fauna is surrounded by mountains and the ocean. This country is a true heaven for both beach and active kinds of rest. Mountains, active volcanoes, waterfalls, caves, azure water with coral reefs are perfect for such kinds of active rest as diving, surfing and climbing. Here is our guide to help you choosing a perfect itinerary and boat for your Cocos Island (Costa Rica) Liveaboard trip.

Location: a country in Central America, washed by Pacific Ocean at south-west and by the Caribbean Sea – at north-east

What to see: The main peculiarity of the waters is a large amount of the following pelagic fish species: hammerheads, white- and silvertip reef sharks, mantas, marlins, schools of caranxes, tunas and sardines. Octopuses, morays, sea turtles and parrot fish live near the reefs. Occasionally, one can see the schools of dolphins and whales.

Depth: 10-50m/32-164ft

Currents: 1-3knots

Visibility: 15-30m/45-90ft

Season for diving: The best time for diving is from March to October, although the conditions remain perfectly fit for diving all year round. The average temperature is 26-29C/78-84F. January, February and March – whale seasons.

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