Cyprus is an island in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, that offers a unique combo of European and Asian cultures, covered with pine forests, mountains, sandy beaches and also places that attract divers. Diving at Cyprus is suitable for both novices and experienced divers. In the waters of Larnaka – the most ancient city of Cyprus, there is one of the most famous wrecks in the world – a sunken ferry of Zenobia. Another sight for the divers near Larnaka is a crash spot of a British helicopter, which became a home for octopuses and various fish. While the sunken vessels form a major part of artificial reefs near Cyprus, there are also several natural ones. One of the best reefs is the reef near the coast of Pathos island. The best dive spots at Cyprus are located near the coast of Larnaka and Pathos, that’s why divers should visit them first of all. Other excellent dive destinations are Limasol and Aya Napa, specially if the diver wants to spot large squids, octopuses and turtles. It is also possible to see there fragments of machines, various mechanisms, wrecks of an old helicopter and ships. Famagusta in the northern part of Cyprus is considered the best, but not the only place suitable for diving. There are several excellent spots in Kyrenia region –Zephiros reef, the Wall and Paradiso. These objects consist of several reefs and are available for divers of all levels of experience. Diving at Cyprus is relatively safe owing to absence of strong currents and natural dangers.

Location: eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea

What to see: Vertical walls, caves, underwater reefs, fragments of amphorae, as well as marine species like parrotfish, wrasses, sea peacocks, shrimps, nudibrachs, octopuses, morays, green and big-headed turtles, dolphins, monk seals, octopuses, squids etc.

Depth: 17-42m/56-138ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 20-35m/65-115ft

Season for diving: Season for diving at Cyprus is from April to November and the best period is October and November. The water temperature varies between 20-29C/68-84F.

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