Malta – the largest island, Gozo Island, known as a mythical island Calypso and a small Comino Island famous for its Blue Lagoon form Malta Archipelago. It is a unique diving place in the very heart of the Mediterranean. Natural harbors, bays, rocks, reefs and wrecks are waiting for divers in Malta. Crystal clear waters are considered one of the cleanest and the most transparent in the world with the visibility up to 30m/98ft. Diving in Malta will be suitable for both experienced and beginner divers.

Location: a country in south Europe comprising an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea

What to see: During the dives it is possible to encounter groupers, sernols, sea breams, octopuses, squids, flying fish, stingrays, salmon-basses, yellowstripe scads, mulluses, parrotfish and sometimes morays. Large animals like tunas and dolphins can be seen here rarely. There are more chances to spot these fish in winter when they come closer to the shore’s warm waters.

Depth: 4-40m/13-131ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: up to 30m/98ft

Season for diving: All year round, although the most suitable time is from May to October. The average air temperature is 28C/82F and water temperature doesn’t fall below 23C/73F.

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