Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands is a Pacific Ocean country in Micronesia that is located to the north of equator. The state is presented by a group of atolls and islands, although the most popular touristic routes are Bikini, Kwajalein, Wotho, Maloelap, Jaluit, Majuro and Rongelap atolls. Among all the atolls where dives are performed Bikini Atoll is the most important and

attractive for tourists. This is the place where nuclear weapon tests were conducted. During those tests “an underwater cemetery” of WWII period appeared. The following vessels were sunken: aircraft-carrier “Saratoga” (tonnage 36 thousand tons, 268m/ 879ft long), submarine “Apogon” (tonnage 2391 tons, 95m/311ft long), destroyer “Nagato”, cruiser “Arkansas”, destroyers “Gilliam” and “Lamson”, submarine SS-386 and cruiser “Prince Oigen”. Bikini Atoll is reachable only by boat that’s why dives at the atoll are possible only in safari mode. Divers with Tec Diver Certificate are allowed to dive here.

Location: near the equator in the Pacific Ocean

What to see: wrecks, picturesque landscapes and over 1000 species of fish plus 250 species of soft and hard corals

Depth: 15-55m/49-180ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 15-45m/50-150ft

Season for diving: All year round, although summer months (May-September) are generally the warmest and waters are the calmest. The average air temperature is 28C/82F and water temperature can reach 30C/86F.

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