Norway is a country with an interesting history, high snow peaks and northern landscapes. The variety of underwater flora and fauna makes the diving in the waters of Norway worthy of the highest appraisal. Spectacular diving spots, that include technical and deep diving, will show divers the underwater world of northern seas. The sunken vessels are immersed on the bottom covered with laminarias or just on the sandy bottom with huge boulders. Along the coast of Norway there are protected territories, mainly these are islands and skerries with dwelling there colonies of marine birds and swamp territories that are important for breeding and migrating birds.

Location: Northern Europe, washed by the North Sea in south-west and the Skagerrak inlet at the south, the Norwegian Sea at the west and the Barents Sea at the north-east

What to see: mesmerizing mountains, fjords and glaciers, abundance of underwater life (rays, Norwegian lobsters, jellyfish, urchins, nudibranchs, anglerfish, catfish, starfish, soldierfish, anemones), kelp forests, canyons etc.

Depth: 20-50m/65-164ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-20m/32-65ft

Season for diving: The season for diving lasts all year round, although the best time is from June to October. In August the water temperature is 8-12C/46-53F, in winter it is 2-7C/35-44F. The maximal possible temperature reaches 15-16C/59-60F.

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