Palau is a turquoise dream of all divers who haven’t dived here yet. For those who did – the place will remain forever in their hearts and in the wish list as the place to which one would always desire to return. Thousands of photos in blogs of the best underwater photographers prove the marine beauty of Palau. Both daily and safari diving are practiced at Palau. During lodging in one of the Koror’s hotels or staying on a comfortable yacht, tourist can visit almost all the most interesting dive sites located in this region. Palau is remarkable for excellent visibility and spectacular underwater landscapes with a variety of fish. Due to strong currents the diving is recommended for experienced divers with level of qualification that is not lower than AOWD. Here is our guide to help you choosing a perfect itinerary and boat for your Palau liveaboard trip.

Location: the western Pacific Ocean, 650km/528mi to the south-east of the Philippines

What to see: mantas, sharks, several marine turtle species, sea snakes, parrot fish, napoleon fish, rays, morays, devilfish, lobsters, barracudas, jackfish etc.

Depth: 5-40m/16-131ft

Currents: 2-3knots

Visibility: 15-35m/49-114ft

Season for diving: The best time for diving in Palau is a period from January to May. The peak of the season is from January to March. The average water temperature is 28-30C/82-86F.

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