Turkey is the country of contrasts where two cultures and civilizations collide. The climate in Turkey is subtropical, Mediterranean, but to the east it becomes drier. At the western coast it is mostly warm, in the southern – hot. Diving has its own specific features. Marine life of the Mediterranean is poorer than in the Red Sea, although while diving in these waters divers go on a fascinating tour with historical sights, walls, canyons and study ancient artifacts of the underwater museum. In Turkey divers find plenty of artifacts that preserved from ancient times – amphorae remnants and clay ware. Underwater adventurers face the ruins of the sunken towns. The difference between a usual museum and underwater one lies in the presence of a marvelous underwater dwellers. Although some divers consider diving in Turkey unserious, there are many places where diving can be rather interesting, for example, in Kash.

Location: a country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, washed by the Black Sea at the north, the Mediterranean Sea at the south, and the Aegean Sea at the west

What to see: barracudas, sea breams, eels, octopuses, groupers, turtles and sharks

Depth: 22-71m/72-232ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: up to 40m/131ft

Season for diving: The best time for diving is from June to September. The average air temperature in January ranges between 5-15C/41-59F and in July 15-32C/59-89F. The average water temperature ranges between 16-25C/60-77F.

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