Beqa Island

Beqa Island, known for it its azure lagoons, is located 10km/6mi to the south of the main Fiji island – Viti Levu. It is a perfect choice for calm and valuable rest where wild nature and small grounds of civilization are harmonically combined. Visiting mountain paths, waterfalls and local villages can be extremely captivating. Tourists can spot earth-based inhabitants – lizards and iguanas, and also bright parrots in the tropical flora. Beqa Island is surrounded by the reef, where the dives are available from the shore. Diving from boats is organized on the barrier reef that stretches for tens of kilometers at the western side of the island and forms a shallow lagoon. There are many underwater dwellers near the reef that make the dives bright and colorful. Marine relief is the first thing that catches one’s sight. The main attraction of the place is the presence of sharks of various species. Some of them are constant visitors, that’s why guides have learned how to distinguish them and even named some sharks. One of the best coral sites of the Beqa Island is a colorful coral reef Caesars rock. Here divers can scuba dive to the sunken vessel Carpet Cove or to the Seven Sisters coral towers. One shouldn’t miss the chance to admire bright tropical fish and eel gardens at Fantasea dive spot and visit the Big Wall – a coral reef that comes close to the surface and attracts schools of reef fish, sharks and mantas. Beqa Island suits both beginners and experienced divers. Book diving trip to Beqa Island.

Location: South-western part of the Pacific Ocean, 10km/6mi to the south of the main Fiji island – Viti Levu

What to see: A varied collection of pink, red and orange coral bushes form rows of channels, caves, tunnels and windows. Giant gorgonarias are a hiding place for longnose hawkfish and trumpetfish. Near small cracks it is possible to observe nudibranchs and butterfly blennies. The place is also known for schools of tunas, turtles and mantas. Under favorable conditions, it is possible to notice 9 species of sharks including whitetip, nurse, lemon, tiger, grey reef and bull sharks.

Depth: 20-35m/66-115ft

Currents: none

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The temperature averages between 24-28C/75-82F.

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