Diving at Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll is located in the northern part of Ralik Chain (Marshal Islands). It has non-regular shape and consists of 36 islands, surrounding the lagoon which size is 594km²/ 229mi². Bikini Island is the most interesting spot for divers among all the atolls where dives are performed. It is mainly caused by the historical facts. Here in 1946 and 1954 the USA conducted nuclear tests, which resulted in the creation of the WWII underwater graveyard. The first atomic bomb was cast in the lagoon upon 73 warships that were out of exploitation, then the second atomic bomb was exploded and after that the hydrogen bomb was detonated that seriously damaged the atoll. There is a crater at this place now. Radiation didn’t harm the nature. In a year the place was filled with life not only in shallow waters or at the reefs, but also near the sunken target vessels. Another reason for paying attention to Bikini Atoll is the sunken fleet that consisted of a large number WWII ships. Here are some of them: aircraft-carrier “Saratoga”, submarine “Apogon”, destroyer “Nagato”, cruiser “Arkansas, destroyers “Gilliam” and “Lamson”, submarine SS-386 and cruiser “Prince Oigen”. The possibility to perform dives at these wrecks attracts divers from all over the world. Getting to the atoll is possible by being a member of the Central Pacific Expedition or as a tourist. Diving is organized. During the safari divers will see the most interesting wrecks of the lagoon and watch documentaries about the atoll’s history. Divers with Tec Diving Certificate are allowed to dive here.

Location: Pacific Ocean,northern part of Ralik Chain (Marshal Islands)

What to see: Sharks, tunas, marlins, turtles and other fish




Season for diving: All year round, but the best time isfrom May to November. The average water temperature is 27-28C/80-84F.


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