Diving at Palau

Palau is a real oasis of the Pacific Ocean. Daily and safari diving allow to see the most interesting dive sites that are located around the island. Palau islands are famous for a large population of sharks and mantas, fascinating underwater landscapes and also a lake inhabited with a great number of jellyfish. The way to the dive sites runs through the tops of small islands covered with mangrove species of flora that form the labyrinths of overhanging arches above turquoise water. Palau sites attract with their diversity. There are World War II sunken ships, swarming with sharks channels, caves, and vertical walls covered with soft corals and giant anemones. In addition, it is possible to find Blue Holes and a fresh water lake with jellyfish. All the most interesting dive sites are located in the outer part of the reef that surrounds the Palau Archipelago. All year round during safari diving near dive sites German Channel, Ulong Channel and Blue Corner reef it is possible to meet schools of mackerel that gather in spheres and attract the predators. Besides, the guides organize diving with nautiluses, getting them from extreme depths. There are strong currents at Palau that’s why only experienced divers with at least AOWD certificate are recommended to dive here. See prices for Palau Liveaboards. Location: The western Pacific Ocean, 650km/528mi to the south-east of the Philippines What to see: During the dives it is possible to see reef, whitetip and leopard sharks, turtles, sea snakes, tunas, rays, devilfish, mandarin fish, surgeonfish, butterfly fish etc. In the period from December to March divers can spot up to 30 species of mantas at once; from February to March – moorish idols; from January to March – hammerhead, tiger and mako sharks. Depth: 5-40m/16-131ft Currents: 2-3knots Visibility: 15-35m/49-114ft Season for diving: The average water temperature in January-March is 27C/80F. June-July is a transitive period that is followed by a rainy season from August to September. During the rainy season all the dive sites are available as the оcean is calm and the average temperature is 28C/82F. In October the weather is fine, while in November-December typhoons can enable diving at some dive sites.

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