Diving in Mauritius

The western shore of Mauritius Island, being exact, Flic-en-Flacq dive spot, is recognized as the best place for diving. Here it is possible to find picturesque wrecks some of which were sunken on purpose to create the material for artificial reef formations. Also divers can admire an abundance of marine life. It is suitable for both experienced and novice divers. Find and book your next Mauritius diving trip.
Location: Indian Ocean, to the east of Madagascar Island What to see: Plantings of gorgonarias, schools of tropical fish (glassfish, moonyfish, squirrelfish, sandy perches and lobsters), triggerfish, large turtles, tiger, grey reef and whitetip sharks, Lucians, lionfish, clownfish, crabs and morays. Occasionally dolphins can be spotted here. Depth: 5-50m/16-164ft Currents: 1knot Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft Season for diving: The best period for diving is from October to April. January through February are the months of high cyclone activity. The average water temperature during the year ranges between 22-28C/70-82F.

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