Layang Layang Island

Layang Layang is a small coral atoll that is located 300km/205mi from Kota-Kinabalu – the capital of Sabah state on the Borneo Island. The atoll consists of 12 interconnected coral reefs. Its length is about 1.5km/0.9mi, width – 400-500m/1312-1640ft. At the outer side of the reef the water is dark blue and that means that the place has a large depth. At some places the walls of the coral reefs descend to 1800-2000m/5905-2187ft depth. The island is reachable by plane from Kota-Kinabalu. There is a single hotel and a military base at Layang Layang. From November to February it is raining hard and the only hotel for divers on the island is closed. The presence of currents makes drift diving possible. 3-5mm thick suits can be used for diving. The atoll is available for experienced divers whose levels are Intermediate and Advanced.

Location: South China Sea, 300km/205mi from Borneo Island

What to see: manta rays, thresher sharks, whale sharks, melon-headed whales, corals etc.

Depth: 5-40m/16-131ft


Visibility: 20-40m/65-131ft

Season for diving: Diving is available from March to October. The average water temperature during these months is 28-32C/82-89F. From November to February there is a period of monsoons.

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