Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island became one of the main diving sights of Philippines thanks to Monad Shoal where cleaning stations for thresher sharks are located. Morning diving at Monad Shoal offers a unique possibility to observe these marine predators at a short distance. The island itself can be called “baunti” – there are lots of palm tree groves surrounded by beaches with snow-white sand washed by azure waters. There are tens of dive sites around Malapascua Island that give an opportunity to make up a fascinating diving program for 5-10 days. Among them there are Gato Island (many whitetip reef sharks, sea snakes, through tunnel), Kemod Shoal (hammerheads), Chocolate and Lighthouse islands (mandarin fish, cuttlefish, crabs and lots of sea horses), Marilyn wreck (covered with soft corals among which pipefish, anglers, groupers and sea horses live). An amazing home reef gives splendid opportunities for underwater photographers – at a relatively small territory it is possible to see almost all the unique species of local endemic “macro” life. See prices and book you next Malapascua diving trip.

Location: Visayan Sea, north of Cebu Island

What to see: Wrecks, reefs, walls, bamboo sharks, reef sharks, soft and hard corals etc. In September there are many mantas and thresher sharks, while lots of hammerheads can be spotted from December to April.

Depth: 10-70m/33-230ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 5-30m/16-98ft

Season for diving: There are two seasons: “rainy season” (July-December), hot period from March to May and “dry season” (January-June). Due to remote location from mountains there are fewer fall-outs than in Cebu. The best time for rest here depends on what the person wants to do and see. The water temperature averages between 27-30C/80-86F during all the year. The average water temperature in December-February is 24-26C/75-78F.


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