Marine parks of the Red Sea

    During safari diving from North to South of the Red Sea, there is a good chance to visit famous marine parks of the Red Sea: Brothers islands, Dedalus Reef, Rocky and Zabargad islands etc.
     Brothers islands is one of the most famous diving sites in the world. Big Brother and Small Brother are two small islands situated 60km/37mi from the mainland. Small Brother Island has an abundance of marine life. The walls are covered with sponges, anemones and soft corals of various colors and forms. Big Brother is located about 1km/0.6mi from Small Brother. If it’s not very windy, diver can dive to Numidia wreck (150m/492ft long), situated at the northern part of the island. At the north-western side of Big Brother there is a steamer Aida (82m/269ft long) sunken in 1957. Due to strong currents this route is for experienced divers only.
While visiting marine parks, the route can lay via the most interesting reefs of the Red Sea. Dedalus Reef, located 180km/111mi to the south of Brothers islands, is a huge coral mass with steep walls.
     Elphinstone reef is one of the most popular reefs of the Red Sea. It has northern and southern plateaus, the walls are covered with soft, black, wire corals and gorgonarias.
Further on the route there is Zabargad Island – one of the largest islands of the Red Sea. Here it is possible to dive along the walls, descend to the depths or stay at the shallow, observe fish and admire coral gardens. At the northern side of the island there is a wreck (70m/229ft long) that lies at 24m/78ft depth. Earlier the island was a chrysolite mining place. Landing on the island, one may step on several small green semi-transparent stones.
     Rocky Island is surrounded by a fascinating reef with soft corals, gorgonarias, sea fans, sponges and black coral trees. All-year-round currents benefit a diversity of the underwater life. Due to the isolation, it seems that all the marine life is concentrated around this small island.
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     Location: the Red Sea, part of the Indian Ocean, located between Africa and Asia
  What to see: sponges, anemones, soft, black and wire corals, gorgonarias, hammerheads, tresher, grey reef sharks, silvertip and whitetip reef sharks, caranxes, surgeonfish, mantas, blue-spotted stingrays, dolphins etc.
     Depth: 10-40m/32-131ft       Currents: 1-2knots      Visibility: 20-30m/65-98ft
     Season for diving: All year round. The water temperature varies between 22-28C / 72-82F. However, the best visibility is in winter and some animals can be spotted only during this season as they prefer cool water.

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