Sea of Cortez

     Sea of Cortez or California Bay is one of the most spectacular places on our planet. Partially the place owes its popularity to Jacques Ives Kusto, who called it “the world aquarium”. It is a reserve zone that consists of several islands and unique marine ecosystem.
       There are tens of sea mammals and hundreds of fish species, including the endemic ones. The sea is an important territory for whale mating, while islands of the Sea of Cortez are inhabited by rare species of birds and reptiles.
     La Pas is a small town on the shores of the Cortez Sea near which a lot of the dive sites are concentrated. They are usually presented as rocks sticking out of the water, caverns and piles of stones. There are very few of corals as the water temperature doesn’t allow them to develop properly. The only reef is located in Kabo Pulmo national park in Mexico.
     The underwater hunting can be organized in the Sea of Cortez, though underwater weapon is prohibited. Diving is possible off the coast or from a diving boat. It is strongly advisable to use swimsuits while swimming in the warm water to avoid contact with poisonous jellyfish.
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