Whitetip Avenue / Malaysia

Авеню белых плавников

This dive site is often visited by whitetip reef sharks. Here divers can meet large schools of whitetip reef sharks, totally safe for human. From a small depth the reef runs down to 40m/131ft. While descending, the divers will find an endless number of terraces, cliffs and cracks. There is somebody living on each centimeter of the reef surface: marine perches, angelfish, butterfly fish, sponges etc. Required level is Beginner – Advanced.

Location: South China Sea, east of Sipadan Island

What to see: marine perches, angelfish, butterfly fish, sponges, terraces, cliffs and cracks



Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: October to December and March to April. The average water temperature during the year ranges between 22-28C/70-82F.


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