Barracuda Lake / Philippines

Jagged rocks
Barracuda Lake dive site is located at the Coron Island that is 30 minutes trip from the Sangat Island. Barracuda Lake is about 90m/295ft deep and it has unique characteristic features due to geothermal sources.
During the recreational diving, divers can descend to 35m/114ft depth, passing three thermoclines. At the beginning of the dive there is a 10m/32ft layer of fresh warm water. At 10-14m/32-45ft depth there is a second thermocline layer and salt water temperature is about 28C/82F. The third thermocline layer is between 14-34m/45-111ft. The water is also salty here, but its temperature is significantly larger and can sometimes reach 38C/100F.
The underwater landscape at available for recreational diving depth mainly consists of sharp toothed ergs.
In the northern part of the lake there is a cave. There is an opportunity to perform a recreational diving there, regardless of the maxim 90m/295ft depth. The cave’s width suits for passing and turning of a single diver only. Deeper descending is available for tech divers only.

Location: North of the Coron Island

What to see: Three thermocline layers, various cancroids, catfish, barracudas, marine perches etc.

Depth: 13-35m/43-115ft, max 90m

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 15-20m/49-66ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature ranges between 26-28C/85-92F.


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