Blockships of Scapa Flow / Scotland

Divers are able to perfrom dives at Blockships of Scapa Flow at lower depth than at other wrecks of this region. That’s why they are so interesting for those who want to train before other dives. Some parts of Blockships of Scapa Flow rise above water and can be seen during the trip between Orkney Islands. These ships were sunken in narrow passages to defend the British ships from German fleet during WWI. During the WWII the Scapa Flow passages were additionally fortified and called the Churchill’s Barriers. Today these wrecks are the starting point to the High Seas Fleet.
There are two main groups of wrecks: WWI Blockships sunken during WWI and WWII Blockships that were used as a guard against enemy vessels in the period of WWII. There are about 40 vessels of various type.
Tabarka vessel is an interesting diving spot located at 15m/49ft depth. High tidal waves complicate the navigation here. The ship is almost upside down. The sun light enters through the holes and cracks in haul. The dives at this wreck are rare due to the difficulty of diving.

Location: UK, Scotland, Orkney Islands, Scapa Flow

What to see: Ships sunken during WWI and WWII, among which Tabarka vessel should be mentioned separately. It is inhabited with a variety of marine dwellers. The surface of the wreck is covered with plenty of anemones.

Depth: max 15m/49ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/33-99ft

Season for diving: The period from March till October is the most suitable. The water temperature averages between 5-14C/41-57F.

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