Blue Hole / Egypt

Blue Hole

A picturesque dive site Blue Hole is situated in 15km/9mi to the South of Dahab. This dive site is a business card of the town. It attracts not only novices, but also experienced divers. However, it is one of the most mysterious and dangerous reefs of the Red Sea. It was called Blue Hole because of a charming blue color of the water. It is a great hole with a diameter about 55m/180ft, surrounded by corals which for some reason stopped growing thousands years ago. Its inner slope goes down to 130m/426ft depth creating a closed well. The outside wall of the reef differs a lot at the northern and southern part. There are a lot of breaks and canyons at the outer wall. There is also a beautiful arch at the depth of 52m/170ft leading to the open sea. However, it is only for technical divers. With a help of a “saddle” at 6m/19ft depth divers can get to the outer wall of the reef.

Location: 15km/9mi to the south of Dahab, near the shore
What to see: corals of various forms and colors, turtles and schools of phosphoric fish which like torches illuminate everything around.
Depth: 5-130m/16-426ft
Currents: none
Visibility: 30-40m/98-131ft
Season for diving: All the year long. The average temperature in January is 22C/76F, in June 28C/82F.


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