Carnatic Wreck / Egypt

Carnatic Wreck
In 1869 a British mail steamer Carnatic (built in 1963) was going to India. During the journey across the Red Sea, the 90 m/295 ft long vessel struck Abu Nuhas coral reef. The people weren’t evacuated during the first day until the ship cracked in two halves. Fortunately the passing by ship reacted on the distress call and save the crew and passengers. 27 people from 230 died. For half of a year Carnatic was staying on the coral hill, until she sunk under the water where she split completely.
Now she looks like a prehistoric monster covered with soft and hard corals of all colors. One of them is a 6 ft in diameter acropora that is located inside the ship. The steamer is known for carrying gold. 32,000 pounds were retrieved on the surface, while the fate of other 8,000 pounds remains unknown.
Abu Nuhas Reef in Gubal Strait is easily accessible. The depth of a sandy bottom varies from 10 to 30m/32 to 98ft. The currents are usually weak, though sometimes they can be really strong.

What to see: wrecks scattered over vast territory, soft and hard corals, goatfish, bannerfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, cornetfish, barracudas.
Season for diving: All year long.
The average temperature in January is 24C/75F and in July 28C/82F


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