Darwin Island / Galapagos Islands

Darwin Island
Darwin Island, that was earlier called Culpepper Island, is an ending point of the Galapagos archipelago at north-west. It is located 40km/25mi from the Wolf Island and it is also available in the safari mode only.
Darwin Island together with its stone arch, rising above the water, is a business card of the whole archipelago. There are also ocean currents that benefit the development of pelagic species.
The main dive sites of the island are Darwin’s Arch and El Arenal.
Location:The most northern island of the Galapagos islands, located 1000km/620mi to the west of the South American continentWhat to see:During the safari it is possible to dive with dolphins, rays, spotted morays, mantas, hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, pilot whales, melon-headed whales and whale sharks (June – November).Besides these species, divers can also encounter blue-spotted jacks, scorpionfish, Elagatis bipinnulata, hog fish, big eye jacks, sailfish, amberjacks, parrot fish and many others.

From the yacht it is possible to observe vampire finches, sea lions, penguins, red-footed boobies and blue-faced boobies.

Depth: 9-40m/29-131ft

Currents: 1-3 knots

Visibility: 3-30m/9-98ft

Season for diving: Warm season is from January to May, when the temperature varies from 20-25C/68-77F. Cold season is from June to November, when the temperature ranges from 19-23C/66-73F.


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