Dolphin House / Egypt

Dolphin House
    Dolphin House (Shaab Samadai) is a small island situated in 6 km/3mi to the north-west of Marsa Alam. Dolphin House resembles horse head by its shape. There is a well-protected lagoon at the inner side of the island. As far as bottlenose dolphins can be frequently seen here, the site has become very popular among divers. The diving conditions are very comfortable in the lagoon itself: the depth is not more than 15m/49ft and there are no currencies The bottom is mostly sandy with rare corals. However, it is permitted to dive only on the territory bounded with special buoys.
       Dolphin House is interesting not only because of dolphins. At the south-western part of the reef there are a lot of coral ergs and caves. Further on divers can move along the steep wall of the reef that goes down to 20m/65ft depth and transforms into a sandy bottom. The wall is covered with various prominences, caves and overhangs. Divers should be very careful there because currents are very strong and changeable.
Location: the western part of the Red Sea, 6km/3mi to the north-west of Marsa Alam
What to see: soft and hard corals, butterfly fish, napoleon fish, clownfish, barracudas, lionfish, glassfish, dugongs, green turtles and whitetip reef sharks.
Depth: 10-25m/32-82ft
Currents: < 1 knot
Visibility: 20-30m/65-98ft
Season for diving: All year long. The average temperature in January is 22C/71F and in July 28C/82F


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