El Chicho / Dominican Republic

El Chicho

A unique cave El Chicho is located in Punta Cana and it is for experienced divers only. It is mostly due to the fact that it hasn’t got air pockets and some tunnels are rather narrow. The cave is not easy to find. The entrance to the cave is represented by a small puddle near the feet of the rock. It is hard to believe that there is something beautiful below its surface. Fantastical roots of tropical plants are hanging from the grottos dome, bringing more secrecy and wilderness to the general picture. Also divers should know that at the bottom of the cave there is a thick layer of clay more than half a meter dense.

The slightest careless movement with fins will turn the visibility from 100m/328ft to zero. To enter the diver should lie into the puddle that is 50cm/19in deep, turn onto the belly and carefully crawl inside the crack between the rocks. Only after diving into crystal clear water, it is possible to see a wide enough entrance into the cave. The first hall at 9m/29ft depth is surrounded with stalactites and stalagmites. On moving deep inside the cave along the corridors with columns that look like Greek temples the divers will reach two gigantic halls. These rooms are covered with cut crystals that look like diamonds. In the very center of the hall, as if according to the plan of a talented architect – Nature there was erected a column that looks like a medieval throne. Colorful sunbeams, cut through the darkness of the cave through the crack in the rock where an entirely different world begins.

Location: Punta Cana area, National Park of the East

What to see: hall full of stalactites and stalagmites, corridors with columns that resemble Greek temples, a column that looks like a medieval throne

Depth: max 18m/59ft

Currents: none

Visibility: 50-100m/164-328ft

Season for diving: All year long. Average temperature in January is 25-26C/77-78F and in July – 27-29C/80-84F.


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