Elphinstone / Egypt

Elphinstone reef is often called the pearl of Marsa Alam safari due to its picturesque views. It is considered one of the best “wall” diving places. The reef has a prolonged shape that stretches for 300m/984ft and it is 20-40m/65-131ft wide. There are two plateaus under which there are arches. Only experienced divers can reach these depths. The southern plateau’s arch is situated at 56m/183ft depth and is only for tekkies (pro divers). The depth of the northern arch starts at 22m/72ft and goes down to about 42m/137ft. It ends with a sharp edge with cliffs going to the abyss. It is possible to see underwater caves and swim along narrow corridors covered with sea plants.
Both parts of the reef have unique ecosystems. The currents also differ greatly. The current in the southern part is rather strong and it’s difficult to stay on one spot even for a few minutes. The currents of the northern part are calmer and safer.
What to see: large sponges, red corals, huge gorgonias, reef sharks, whitetips, morays, groupers, angelfish.
Season for diving: All year long.
The average temperature in January is 24C/75F and in July 28C/82F


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