Felipe Xicoténcatl Wreck / Mexico

Wreck Felipe Xicotencatl
     Felipe Xicoténcatl С-53, built in 1944, is 56m/183ft long and 10m/33ft wide. From the very beginning it was known as Scuffles – the US naval force’s minesweeper. The name was changed in 1962, when the vessel was sold to Mexican Naval Forces. During 1962-1999 the ship patrolled the Mexican bay and Mexican part of the Caribbean Sea. She helped in rescue operations and struggle against illegal transportation of drugs and weapon.
    After 55 years of service the ship was discarded and passed to the possession of underwater park of Consumel Island. In June 2000 the vessel was deliberately sunken. It formed an artificial reef that attracts marine dwellers and tourists. The wreck is situated between popular dive sites Tormentos and Shankanaab in the western part of the island.

Location: east of Yukatan Peninsula, underwater park of Consumel Island

What to see: wreck, large barracudas, sardines, garden eels, angelfish, axe fish etc.

Depth: 8-24m/26-79ft

Currents: 1 knot

Visibility: 10-30m/33-98ft

Season for diving: All year round.

The average temperature in winter is 25C/75F, while in summer it is 30C/85F


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