Gato Island / Philippines

Soft coral
It is a marine reserve – a small rocky island an hour bank ride from Malapascua. The walls are richly covered with coral gardens and at 10-20m/32-65ft they transform into a sandy plateau. This dive site guarantees the meeting with whitetip reef sharks that sleep on the sandy bottom and in small grottos.
A long twisting tunnel runs through the island at low depth. It is available for experienced divers (it is necessary to show to the guide good diving skills during the previous dives). The mysterious darkness hides sponges and soft corals.

Location: Visayan Sea, north of Cebu Island

What to see: Sea snakes, bamboo sharks, sea horses, anglers, stingrays, tunas, snappers, nudibranchs, porcupinefish, cuttlefish, pufferfish, scorpionfish and mantis shrimps

Depth: 10-24m/32-78ft

Currents: 1-3knots

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: The peak season is from June to September. The average water temperature is 27-30/81-86F.



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