Giannis D Wreck / Egypt

Giannis D Wreck

Giannis D is situated at the southern part of Abu Nuhas reef at 6-18m/19-59ft depth. It is possible to observe the stern part with a big deck cabin, P-shaped mast and a pipe where it is possible to discern the letter D that originates from the ship-building company Danae. The depth of the vessel’s location allows the divers to explore the dive site completely.

There are two means of entering the ship – through the ventilation or side door. The engine room with well-preserved tools, the deck cabin and a huge hold are must see places. The curious thing is that the mast is placed under 45º and when the divers swim inside the vessel, they can lose orientation because of the ship’s incline. One may seem that the vessel is turning upside down. The hull looks like some surreal handmade sea garden. Stern and nose parts are well preserved and they are richly covered with soft colorful corals.

What to see: The sea flora fauna is quite abundant. Glassfish, scorpion fish, angelfish, various perches, butterfly fish, clownfish, barracudas, devil fish can be found in the surrounding territory. Inside the ship it is possible to find a rare moonfish.
Season for diving: All year long.

The average temperature in January is 19-21C /66-69F, and in July 28-29C/82-84F


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