Isla Mujeres / Mexico

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres, meaning the Female Island, is located 6km/3mi from Cancún coast in Quintana Roo State. This island, 8km/4mi long and 2km/1mi wide, is one of the main Caribbean islands of Mexico. Isla Mujeres attracts the tourists from all over the world with its cultural and nature richness, splendid sandy beaches, ruins of archeological value (Ishel castle), historical buildings and other sights. There are plenty of modern hotels (most of which have a marvelous view of the Caribbean Sea), various shops with souvenirs, hand-made items and beach equipment at this island. Garrafon Marine Park is a perfect place for diving and snorkeling. A great variety of underwater dwellers live in its reef.

Location: north-west of the Caribbean Sea, 6km/3mi from Cancún coast in Quintana Roo State

What to see: large barracudas, manta rays, sailfish, grunts, groupers, moray eels, langoustes, snappers and whale sharks

Depth: 5-35m/16-114ft

Currents: 1 knot

Visibility: 20-30m/65-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The tropical climate is rather mild. The average temperature in winter is 25C/77F and in summer it is 29C/84F


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