Island of Koro / Fiji

Coral reef
Island of Koro has dive sites with unusual relief: plenty of grottos, tunnels, open end passages and caves.
Black Rock Caverns offers diving among a huge quantity of caves and grottos. It is good for night dives. The current here is not very strong and visibility reaches 20m/65ft.
Koro Gardens is a large coral reef that starts at 5m/16ft depth. A large number of bright coral reef fish live among hard corals.
Shark Fin Point is known for large schools of barracudas consisting of hundreds of its representatives that can be seen during almost each dive. During the rising tide the current becomes stronger making it possible to perform drift diving above the coral reef.
Location: South-western part of the Pacific Ocean, part of the Lomaiviti ArchipelagoWhat to see: Whale, whitetip and reef sharks, barracudas, eels, eagle rays, squids, lobsters, triggerfish, butterflyfishDepth: 15-35m/50-116ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 30-40m/98-131ft

Season for diving: All year round. Water temperature averages between 27-29C/78-84F.


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