Jackson Reef / Egypt

Jackson Reef
Jackson reef is a cliff with a huge plateau at 15m/49ft depth with a gorgeous garden of gorgonarias and sea flowers. This reef is the last reef to the north of the Tyran island’s channel. It is possible to find the remnants of a trade vessel Lara that was shipwrecked in 1981 at the northern part of the reef. The ship is situated nearer to the surface, while its huge propeller is located at the depth of 56m/183ft. The southern part of the reef is protected from waves and wind and that’s why the diving starts from this place. The wall is covered with colorful corals that are mainly turbinarias and fire corals and it runs down for 50m/164ft until it reaches a sandy plateau that is connected with a Woodhouse reef. The divers should be very careful as strong currents can suddenly appear. The currents are rather changeable and they can be really strong.

What to see: The divers will surely like splendid red anemones. It is also possible to observe turtles, white and grey reef sharks, tiny hammer sharks, grand plateau and extreme cliff, garden of sea flowers and gorgonarias.
Season for diving: All year long.
The average temperature in January is 24C/75F and in July 28C/82F


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