James Barrie / Scotland

James Barrie
“James Barrie” is a trawler that came onto a shallow point in 1969 and was seriously damaged. For some time the vessel drifted and then sunk in Scapa Flow. Bronze propeller and large metal parts of brass were lifted onto the surface. It is still possible to see the anchor, masts, fishing equipment and winches. The upper part of the steam machine and manual operation mechanism are also visible. It is a popular place of diving due to small size of the vessel. There are naval wrecks that require several dives, but “James Barrie” can be observed during a single one.
The wreck is located 2 hours from Stromness. A greater depth of diving is compensated with a good visibility that reaches 20m/65ft. “James Barrie” lies on a flat but rocky bottom. The anchor is on a proper place, but its main mast has an inline of 45 degrees and touches the marine bottom.
The vessel’s size is 55×9,3×4,9m/180×30×16ft.

Location: Scotland, near Orkney islands, North Sea

What to see: Through the doors it is possible to see the storage rooms where there are scattered wires and ropes. Fish storages are also available for watching. Through slowly consumed by erosion cockpit, the divers can get into the wheelhouse. In the darkness of machine department there is a variety of pipes and assistant mechanisms.

Depth: max 43m/141ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-20m/33-65ft

Season for diving: In March water temperature is about 5C/41F, while in September it rises to14C/57F.

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