Kronprinz Wilhelm / Scotland

Kronprinz Wilhelm
The sunken battleship “Kronprinz Wilhelm” was used for both defense and attack on the hostile vessels. Its immense size and weapon strength cause astonishment. There are plenty of arsenal on the board of the ship. Half of 30cm/12in weapons are available for observation. This will help divers to understand the principle of work of XX century war ships. The vessel is located at 18-38m/59-124ft depth and it is available only for technical divers. Divers can enter separate parts of the ship. It is possible to see cracks and holes, but general state of “Kronprinz Wilhelm” is quite good. The water is rather cold here, but the impressions received after the dive can compensate a slight discomfort.
The vessel’s parameters are 175,4×29,5×9,19m/575×96×30ft.

Location: Scotland, near Orkney islands, North Sea

What to see: An immense well preserve battleship with plenty of arsenal

Depth: 18-38m/59-124ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-30m/33-99ft

Season for diving: The water temperature ranges between 5-12C/41-54F. The most comfortable time for diving is from March through September.

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