La Sirena / Dominican Republic


La Sirena cave is located not far from a superb Dominican resort Boca Chica that is 30km/18mi from Santo Domingo. The group of 5 divers leaded by a guide (larger amount of people is not allowed) usually perform several dives, starting with simple and ending with more difficult ones.

The astonishment of the surrounding world will follow the divers from the very beginning of the dive. In the third hall divers can feel like being in some magical castle built by a skillful wizard-architect. After switching off the light and emerging into the darkness, divers can hear the sounds of constantly dripping drops of water that fall into the lake. It is a scary feeling, although it is appallingly beautiful. More difficult dives can include passing through an air hall and a corridor at 15-20m/49-65ft depth. Its peculiarity is the “halocline” effect – a transit layer between salt and fresh water. Upon passing it there might be a swirl that makes a surrounding picture blurry and diver can feel like having “azoth intoxication”. Water gains rainbow glimmer as if it was mixed with oil. In the hall with a marine water everything looks like in the kingdom of an Ice Queen – stalactites and stalagmites covered with frost are kept under a white salt dome.

Location: not far from Santo Domingo, Boca Chica region

What to see: it has short tunnels and halls filled with air. An incredible visibility and transparent water grant an opportunity to see plenty of stalactites and stalagmites that glitter in the torch’s light and reflect the light like precious stones.

Depth: 8-36m/26-118ft

Currents: none

Visibility: 30-50m/98-164ft

Season for diving: All year long. The average water temperature is 26C/79F.


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