Malakal Harbour / Palau

Malakal Harbour is situated at the southern side of Koror Island. Malakal includes such interesting dive sites as Chandelier Cave, Teshio Maru, Iro Maru, Chuyo Maro and Jake Sea Plane wrecks.
In Palau at the Rock Islands area there is one of the most famous caves in the world – Chandelier Cave. It is a long horizontal tunnel that goes down to the island base at 45m/147ft depth. After swimming through this 130m/426ft long corridor, divers can get into the main underwater hall with crystal-clear water. It has entrances to tree tunnels leading to isolated caves that can be discovered either underwater or in air pockets.
Teshio Maru wreck is a Japanese military cargo ship (90×13.7m/295×45ft) sunk in 1944. It is located at the western lagoon of Palau. This wreck is one of the most beautiful in Palau. Coral and marine life makes this wreck a photographers’ dream. It is not recommended to get inside the ship as its structures are not stable. Its right board lies at 23-24m/75-78ft depth, while left – at 13m/42ft.
Iro Maru wreck is a Japanese high-speed oil tanker (143.25×17.68m/470×58ft) sunk in 1944. It has an abundant marine flora and fauna. The pride of the ship is the huge canons covered with dense plants and corals. The deck is situated at 28m/91ft depth, the upper deck – at 8m/26ft.
Chuyo Maru wreck (89×12.4m/291×40ft), sunk in 1944, is located at the south of Malakal Island. It is one of the most popular wrecks at Palau. It has the nickname “Lion Fish Wreck” because of a great number of lion fish that inhabit the wreck. Outside the ship is covered with various hard corals where shrimps, scallops and colorful tropical fish live. Divers without AOWD or higher certificate are not recommended to dive here.
Jake Sea Plane wreck is a Japanese reconnaissance floatplane (11.3×14.5m/37×47ft). The wreck is well seen from the surface. Inside and outside the plane there are many artifacts such as radio and ammo in the crew cabin. Due to its shallowness and clear water it is popular among the photographers and will suit both novice and experienced divers. It is recommended to dive during the flow for better visibility.

Location: The western Pacific Ocean, southern side of Koror Island

What to see: Here divers can find slab and black corals, gorgonarias, barracudas, rock fish, groupers, octopuses, devilfish, nudibranchs and various reef fish.

Depth: 12-40m/39-131ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round, but the best time is from January to May. The average water temperature is 28-30C/82-86F.


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