Mama Viña Wreck / Mexico

Mama Vina
The fishing vessel Mama Viña was sunken in 1995 in order to create an artificial reef near Playa-Del-Carmen‎. Since then, the wreck was densely covered with various corals and it attracted plenty of marine dwellers. The wreck is not recommended to novices because of strong currents in this region. The visibility is very good there and in summer it can reach 60m/197ft.
Location: east of Yukatan Peninsula, near Playa-Del-Carmen
What to see: wreck, various corals, butterfly fish, snappers, frog fish, lion fish, grunts, jelly fish, octopuses, stingrays, dolphins and sharks.
Depth: 21-30m/69-98ft
Currents: 1-2 knots
Visibility: 10-60m/32-197ft
Season for diving: All year round.
The average temperature is 23-28C/73-82F


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