Menjangan Island / Indonesia

The coastal zones of the island are rather diverse and have an abundance of grottos, walls and caves. Here is also a large plateau. The diving routes are also interesting and correspond all diving qualifications. Both novice and experienced divers can find something for them here. The professionals have an opportunity to observe Anker Wreck, that sunk near this island under mysterious circumstances. This wreck attracts divers from all over the world like a magnet.

Location: northwest coast of Bali Island

What to see: sponges, gorgonarias, pelagic species

Depth: 10-60m/32-196ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 15-40m/49-131ft

Season for diving: The most suitable period is from April to November. The water temperature ranges between 28-31C/82-88F.


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