Barracuda Point / Malaysia

Барракуда Поинт

Due to strong and rich with plankton current, there are thousands of fish at this dive site. The most mesmerizing sight is the dancing of barracudas, who show this performance several times a day. Such amount of fish is very attractive for large predators and that’s why it is possible to meet sharks here so often. Spike horns, tunas, parrotfish and many other fish are everyday participants of the banquet. One should be careful at this dive site as the current can take the diver far away from the island. Required diving level is Intermediate.

Location: South China Sea, north-east of Sipadan Island

What to see: colorful nudibranchs, soft and hard corals, batfish, barracudas, jacks, grey reef and whitetip sharks, parrotfish, octopuses, morays, eagle rays, butterflyfish and occasionally, hammerhead sharks.

Depth: 5-40m/16-131ft


Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature ranges between 26-30C/78-86F.



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