Ngaremlengui Island / Palau

Ngaremlengui Island is located at the western side of Babeldaob and it is one of 16 states of Palau. Its area occupies 65m²/700ft². The island attracts divers by its amazing dive sites:
Devil Fish City is situated to the north of Palau, at Narghmau area. This site is rarely visited because of its remoteness and small number of good dive sites nearby. It is a huge 55m/180ft deep channel at the outer reef with gently sloping walls. Descending here is difficult enough so it requires a special training. Moreover, there are more mantas when currents are ebb-flow and not very strong.
Devil’s Playground has sloping walls filled with beautiful soft corals and abundant marine life. The dive site will suit both beginner and experienced divers.
Sunken Bridge dive site is an impressive coral mass where a great number of pelagic fish gather (starting from mantas and ending with silvertip tetra).
West Passage is located 30km/18mi to the north-west of Koror Island. The channel unites the inner lagoon with the open ocean. Deep walls form the site from north to south with a shallow plateau near the western entrance. The walls of the site are covered with soft and hard corals. This channel is the largest at Palau, so during the ebbs and flows an immense amount of water passes through it that is why it is allowed to dive only during the flow. The descending starts at the beginning of the channel and then divers can drift along the western or eastern wall. Very often a lot of reef sharks can be spotted near the entrance to the channel. This dive site is perfect for experienced divers and novices as well.

Location: North-west of the Pacific Ocean, western side of Babeldaob

What to see: The main sight of Devil Fish City is mantas that move here from the southern sites of Palau from March to November. It is possible to spot at least two representatives during a dive. Usually the creatures gather at the cleaning stations. At Devil’s Playground divers very often can meet sharks under the coral lumps, rays, turtles, lots of reef fish and even crocodile fish. West Passage is known for a large number of sharks and tropic fish, while Sunken Bridge – for various pelagic fish.

Depth: 10-30m/32-98ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 20-40m/65-131ft

Season for diving: All year round, but the best time is from January to May. The average water temperature is 28-30C/82-86F.


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