Peleliu Island / Palau

Peleliu Island is located 23km/14mi to the south of Koror and includes such dive sites as Peleliu Cut Reef, Turtle Cove, Burnum’s Wall and Peleliu Wall.
Peleliu Cut Reef is situated at the southern edge of Palau, in Peleliu region. There is a huge cut in the reef, approximately 15m/49ft in diameter. During the dives, it is recommended to use hooks and some time to stay motionless, and then float above the plateau.
Turtle Cove is a vertical reef that goes down to 30m/98ft and then descends even deeper to 65m/213ft. On the reef’s corner there is a plateau at 6-13m/19-42ft depth. Divers can also observe lots of small caves, arches and overhangs on the wall of the reef. The site got its name because of a great number of turtles that laid their eggs on the beach of the island. Although, today turtles don’t come here because the shore of the island became densely inhabited by people.
Barnum’s Wall is located close to German Channel. The north-eastern part of the reef begins near the water surface and then gradually goes down to 23-40m/76-131ft depth changing its relief to a rough sandy slope. The top of the reef is cut with various canyons and caverns.
Peleliu Wall is the deepest spot in Palau. The top of the reef is presented by a plateau that descends from 10m/32ft to 30m/99ft, where Peleliu Expressway and Peleliu Cut form the corner.

Location: Western Pacific Ocean,23km/14mi to the south of Koror

What to see: Colorful soft and hard corals, butterflyfish, anthias, surgeonfish, parrotfish, triggerfish, snappers, barracudas, whitetip and grey reef sharks, tunas etc.

Depth: 5-65m/16-213ft

Currents: 2-3knots

Visibility: 15-35m/49-115ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature varies between 28- 30C/82-86F. June to December is a typhoon season


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