Peliliu Express / Palau

School of fish
Peliliu Express is located in the furthest southern part of Palau – Peleliu region. Here divers can descent at a high speed along the vertical wall and get the adrenaline rush.
The strong current usually catches the diver and carries him like on an express to another dive site – Peliliu Corner. It’s also great to try underwater acceleration and make dreams about speed real. Various fish quickly flicker in front of the diver’s eyes.

Location: Western Pacific Ocean, thefurthest south of Palau

What to see: whitetip and greyreef sharks, schools of barracudas, snappers, triggerfish, groupers, mantas, sea snakes, sea turtles




Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature varies between 26-27C/79-81F


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