Playa Larga / Cuba

Playa Larga © Boris Smirnov

Playa Larga is located in the Montemar National Park, at the beginning of Bahia de Cochinos bay. Local dive center is the only on the whole island, where cave diving can be organized. There are three amazing dive sites here: Canon de Sigua (15-30m/49-98ft deep) has a bottom with snow-white sand and a great number of colorful corals. Here on the sandy bottom divers can meet the rays of various sizes. The canyon starts at 15m/49ft and ends with steep walls at 30m/98ft depth that are covered with black corals and sea fans. It is an incredible sight. Langosta Reef (10-20m/32-65ft deep) is a reef garden that has lots of channels and wholes. Blue Hole (5-60m/16-196ft deep) is an amazing reef that perfectly suits for snorkeling. The water is so crystal-clear that it can be hard to notice that the diver is moving down. Dives are very difficult and require certain skills, so the place is for experienced divers only.

Location: The Caribbean Sea, south-central region of the Cuban Archipelago

What to see: Besides various corals, divers can meet here snappers, groupers, barracudas, rock fish, lobsters, eels, a great number of tiny fish and even nurse sharks.

Depth: 18-35m/59-114ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature in December is 22C/71F and in July – 29C/84F.


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