Salem Express / Egypt

Salem Express
The Hyndman reef in Red Sea is one of multiple reefs that are used for diving. In fact, it is a coral pillar that is rising from 30m/98ft depth. It starts very close to the surface hiding under the water. However, it is best known for the wreck of Salem Express that was built in 1966. The length of the vessel was 110m/360ft. This ferry carried approximately 700 passengers that were pilgrims returning from Mecca in 1991, when she crashed into the Hyndman reef. Only 180 people survived.
For the last years the ship became an inseparable part of the reef. She is covered with multiple hard and soft corals where numerous sea dwellers found their homes. Divers can observe lifeboats tied to the sides of the ruin, two large steam pipes with letter “S” on their surfaces, the radar’s remnants on the roof of the captain’s bridge. Divers can swim inside the vessel, though usually they don’t do it because of the respect to the deceased people. The piles of trash are everywhere. A serious background and diving skills to sunken objects are necessary for diving to this site.


What to see: wrecks scattered over vast territory, soft and hard corals, goatfish, bannerfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, cornetfish, barracudas.

Season for diving: All year long.

The average temperature in January is 24C/75F and in July 28C/82F


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