Sanganeb Reef / North Sudan


Sanganeb Reef is located further from the shore (>25km/15mi) and it rises from 800m/2624ft depth, forming one of the most popular and unique atolls in the Red Sea. From faraway distance it is possible to see a 50m/164ft high beacon, built by the British between 1956-1964 to mark the location of the reef. Since 1990 Sangareb is a protected underwater park and one of the most visited reefs in Sudan.

At the south the depth of the lagoon is not very large. On running to the north it becomes deeper and reaches 48m/157ft. Currents might be strong, but it is a good chance to see large fish.
Most of the dives are performed from the south-west of the plateau. The reason is obvious: a large quantity of corals and fish. The wall falls from 10m/32ft to 35m/114ft and then the reef runs into depth. The upper side of the reef is good for underwater photographers. All the dive region is filled with fish. Everything around is untouched, not scared and magnificent.

Location: Southern Red Sea, one and a half an hour north of Umbria wreck

What to see: It is possible to see caranxes, tunas, barracudas, groupers, wrasses, triggerfish and sharks. In some months it is possible to mantas and turtles. Here are soft coral species and unique pink anemones.

Depth: 25-55m/82-180ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/33-99ft

Season for diving: June and September is the best time for diving as temperature reaches31-33C/78-91F.

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