Saona Island / Dominican Republic


Saona Island, located practically in front of La Romana and Bayabe beaches – Punta Cana region, is a part of Parque Nacional del Este that is one of the largest ones in the Dominican Republic. The place is known for a unique underwater world that was caused by the peculiarities of the island’s location. Here Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea unite into one water space, azure waters of which wash the white sandy beaches. Periodically the strong currents carry a large amount of plankton – the food for a variety of marine dwellers. The nature worked hard to create fantastic landscapes of multiple coral reefs, cliffs and luxurious coral fields. The night dives have their own unbelievable charm and beauty. Under the light of the torch, divers can see the octopus crawling out of a narrow hole or how the shining plankton dances around like a falling snow. The rays will gaze at the visitors with curiosity, unlike lobsters and crabs that will be involved in night hunt.

Location: Caribbean Sea, south-east of the mainland of Dominican Republic

What to see: small and large fish, together with reef sharks, whiptail stingrays, eagle rays, barracudas, mantas, morays, parrotfish, groupers, pufferfish and scallops can be caught into the objective of the camera.

Depth: 15-30m/49-98ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average temperature in January is 25-26C/77-78F and 27-29C/80-84F in July.


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