Scapa Flow marine life / Scotland

Scapa Flow marine life
Scapa Flow is a home for various creatures that dwell under and above water. Above water dwellers are birds and mammals. The underwater world is characterized with bottom marine fish.
While diving to the wrecks that are lying at the marine bottom, divers will see a flowering ecosystem. There are marine stars and hedgehogs. They have rich color and beautiful shape that adds a special flavor to the wrecks. In secret places, there are crabs and lobsters, while outside the wrecks there are schools of predators. Regardless of low temperatures the animal world is diverse and beautiful.
Depending on the time of the year the sunken objects are perceived in a different way. In spring warm water starts to bloom (usually in March). At the beginning of autumn the second water blooming is possible. During these periods the visibility can fall bellow 5m/16ft. Visibility in winter is the highest and regardless of the cold water diving during this time is the best.

Location: UK, Scotland, Orkney Islands

What to see: There are various codfish, lings, wrasses, marine stars, hedgehogs, crabs, lobsters etc. Sometimes divers can be lucky to see grey and common seals. Basking sharks, the second largest shark after whale shark, can be spotted in summer months.

Depth: 15-43m/49-141ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 5-30m/16-99ft

Season for diving: In winter the temperature varies between 10-8C/50-46F and in summer it’s more than 20C/68F. Diving in winter is the best due to high visibility.

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