Shark Fin Reef / Thailand

Shark Fin Reef
Shark Fin Reef is a narrow strip of granite blocks lying at shallow waters. Dives are interesting because of an abundance of corals. This dive site offers amazing landscapes at almost any depth.
Piles of stones form arches and passages, while bright corals and gardens of sea sponges amaze by a variety of colors. However, divers shouldn’t forget about lots of fish that could be seen around.
Location:the Andaman Sea, near the Similan IslandsWhat to see:There is a great number of various fish. For example, napoleon fish is a frequent visitor of this dive site. With luck, divers can also spot whale sharks and mantas. At 25-30m/82-98ft depth divers can observe white tip reef sharks and leopard sharks.Depth: 18-40m/59-131ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/33-98ft

Season for diving: The most comfortable period is from November to March. The average water temperature is 27-30C/80-86F


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