SMS Markgraf / Scotland

SMS Markgraf
The wreck of battleship “Markgraf” offers an excellent dive during which the divers will feel the tremor caused by an immense and impressive sunken ship. It is the deepest wreck in the region and due to this the visibility can be rather low. Besides, it is advisable to perform several dives here, because the size of the vessel doesn’t permit to look through the whole vessel in a single attempt. “Markgraf” lies almost upside-down and because of such position the demands to the divers level of preparation are increased. The vessel is often called “the pearl of the Scapa Flow crown”. Regardless of the erosion, the ship is well preserved. Divers can enter the vessel and explore it.
Parameters of the vessel are 146×28×8m/479×91×26ft.

Location: UK, Scotland, Orkney Islands, Scapa Flow

What to see: The sunken ship, its cannons, wires, fragments of equipment etc.

Depth: max 45m/147ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-20m/33-65ft

Season for diving: The water temperature ranges between 5-12C/41-54F. The most comfortable time for diving is from March through September.

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