The Big Cave / Turkey

Inside Big Cave
The Big Cave is a large cave that is located at 40m/131ft depth. Diving at this place is recommended for experienced divers. The entrance to the cave is at 27m/89ft depth at its western side. Near it there are remnants of torn fishing nets. The upper part of the cave runs down from 32m/104ft depth, the bottom starts at 44m/144ft and goes deeper. Inside the cave there are several branchings one of which leads to the grotto and a tunnel.
Novice divers have an opportunity to explore the upper part of the cave.

Location: Turkey, Mediterranean Sea, to the south of Kash

What to see: Here divers can observe coral goffering, swimming among them schools of shrimps and slow fish in secure corners of the cave.

Depth: 27-44m/89-144ft

Currents: none

Visibility: 10-30m/33-99ft

Season for diving: The most suitable time is from June to September. Water temperature averages between 17-25C/62-77F.


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